List of participants on 05/05/2018 on conference

Life environment of personality in psychological dimension"

(Orderly by date of receipt of application)

  1. Matvienko O.V.
    Adaptation to crisis situations
  2. Hurlieva T. S.
    The realm of personal meanings: signs of ecologization
  3. Vernik O.L.
    Environment, space and sphere of life activities of personality: problem of ecologization
  4. Vovchyk-Blakytna O.
    Emotional well-being of the child in the space of a big city
  5. Kobylchenko V. V
    A glance at the function of an individual with a dystini with a zor in a dichotomous "prosperous / unsuccessful"
  6. I.M. Omelchenko
    Borders I and the preschooler's contact: the motivational-intentional function of communicative activity in the conditions of typical and detained development
  7. Atshybaieva O. O.
  8. Munasypova-Motyash I.A.
    Interconnection of involvement of ecological consciousness with indicators of self-regulation of purposeful behavior
  9. Dyachenko Viktoriya Anatoliyivna
    Development of ecological values in the conditions of modern Ukrainian education
  10. Kryazh I.
    Importance of environmental concern for psychological well-being
  11. Evpak Yu.I.
    Indicators of psychological health of the individual
  12. Lovochkina A.M.
    Social activity in the system "Personality - environment - living space" as a condition of socialization "
  13. Semigina T.V.
    Green Social Work: Is there a need in Ukraine?
  14. Kyrpenko T.M.
    Analysis of self-service, strong-willed regulation and environmentally oriented human behavior
  15. Machushnyk O. L.
    Psychological features of the professional orientation of future psychologists
  16. Anastasiya Kulikova
    Peculiarities of changing in Self-concept under difficult life conditions.
  17. Tischenko Liliya
    Social success of personality in the structure of the subjective experience of his own life well-being
  18. Kharitinyuk V.N.
    Peculiarities of psychological maintaing of the process of social adaptation of the prisoner in the space of his life changes
  19. Gorban Galyna
  20. Stulika Helen
    Psychological peculiarities of transformation of the position "Form-teacher'' under the conditions of implementation of the New Ukrainian School concept
  21. Bukovska O.O.
    Modern directions of psychological rehabilitation of crisis states caused by extreme situations
  22. Rudomino-Dusyatska O.V.
    Environmental aspects of personal identity research
  23. Dubinina D.E.
    Existential responsibility as a factor of the enviromental conciousness formation
    Psychological support in individuals,who were under the infuence of extreme factors
  25. Olga Horbacheva
    System of tutor accompaniment of professional formation of a psychologist
  26. Shlimakova I.I.
    Creation of a high school safe environment with the help of ecopsychological influence
  27. Borets Yu.V.
    Creation of a high school safe environment with the help of ecopsychological influence
  28. Kyrylenko T.S.
    Psychological feauters on life situation and life space of personality in conditions of trauma
  29. Jurchinska H.K.
    Psychological feauters on life situation and life space of personality in conditions of trauma
  30. Humenyuk Halina
    Development of scientist's competence in the ukrainian professional environment: problems and tasks
  31. O.Ju. Mykhailenko
    Role gramme as way of developing the role-play competence of a future psychologist
  32. Palamarchuk O.M.
    Psychological essence of professional personality space of subjects of entrepreneurial activity
  33. Yakovenko S.I.
    Psychological components in determining the index of life satisfaction
  34. Baieva K. O
    Eсological position – the activator of environmental agency and behaviour
  35. Tkach
    The New Economy: psychological context
  36. Milushina
    Business Thinking and Social Economy - Is It a pair?
  37. Tkach
    Neuropsychological methods to management of organizations
  38. Nadiuk
    Social economy as a "product" of social capital
  39. Komar T.O.
    The main features of self-attitude of youth with disabilities
  40. Panasiuk R. V.
    The rise and evolution of views on an issue of “disability”
  41. Varava L.A.
    Functionality of family myth as an organizing component of the living space of personality
  42. Pastushenko V. S.
    Psychic health of junior school children with traumatic experience
  43. Kapustiuk O.M.
    Psychological dimensions of psychic health of teenagers with traumatic experience
  44. Bochonkova J.O.
    Psychological features of chief-person as parts of his life space
  45. Skok A.G.
    Peculiarities of psychological well-being of soldiers of urgent military service with different levels of tolerance
  46. Chukhrii I. V.
    Psychological features of professional identity of young people with restriction of musculoskeletal system
  47. Peregonchuk N.V
    Psychological assistance for the development of professional competence of future psychologists
  48. Volevakha Iryna
    Psychological safety of scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher educational establishments
  49. Podorozhniy V.G.
    Psychological analysis of the problem of personal alienation of the aged
  50. Volevakha S.V.
    Features of psychological empowerment of local community activists: cross-cultural research
  51. Volevakha D.S.
    Ecological worldview of modern representatives of eastern and western cultures
  52. Maksymov Mykola
    Development of reflection by nonverbal methods
  53. Maksymova Nataliia
    psychological criteria of environmental friendliness of family relationships
  54. Dziubko Liudmyla V.
    The safety of educational space as a condition of welfare of pupils
  55. Melnuk Y.V.
    Tolerance to uncertainty as a way of organization a life area of an individual
  56. Martsenyuk Marina
    Optimization of attitude toward a health by facilities of self-knowledge